Speaker Profiles 2017

valerie feldmann

Acting President & chief operating officer

Valerie is leading a tech start-up that commercializes an innovative wind turbine inspired by advances in aerodynamics and jet engine technology. Previously, Valerie worked with McKinsey as an associate Partner in the high tech practice, served as Policy advisor to the united Nations ITU and as adjunct Faculty at Free university Berlin. She holds an MSc.and M.a. from the university of Muenster, Germany; a Ph.d. from Free university Berlin; and an Executive Certificate in Technology & Operations Management from MIT.

eric m david

co-Founder & chief Strategy officer

Through Organovo, Dr. David has played a critical role in the commercial translation of 3d bioprinting. Previously, he was associate partner at McKinsey & Company, where he served private equity, pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic, and medical device clients to support pipeline and R&D strategy, as well as market entry strategy. He was also Assistant Professor at the Rogosin Institute; adjunct faculty at the Rockefeller University; and a lecturer in Medicine at Weil Cornell Medical College.

Privahini Bradoo

Founder & chief executive officer

Privahini’s electronics recycling firm harvests valuable metals out of e-waste. She represented BlueOak on the Obama Administration’s task force for e-waste. She has led business development at numerous cleantech start-ups, including LanzaTech & Microvi. Previously, she was a management consultant at BCG and a faculty adviser at Singularity University. Privahini was awarded the Fulbright Platinum Scholarship to complete an MBA at Harvard Business School.

Matthew Silver

Founder & chief executive officer
Cambrian Innovation

Matthew heads an initiative that uses bioelectric technology to cost-effectively clean wastewater and generate significant clean energy. He has sixteen years of experience in engineering design, entrepreneurship, and business strategy. He is co-inventor on several awarded patents, author of over 25 research publications, and testified before the US Senate on early stage innovation in 2011.

Ron Gutman

Founder & chief executive officer

Through HealthTap, an interactive health company, Ron is reinventing the way people take care of themselves by enabling quick and quality access to medical services. He is also the Curator of TEDx Silicon Valley, an angel investor and advisor to health and technology companies, Rock Health, Stanford’s Medicine X, and Harvard Medical School’s SMArt Initiative.

Rakesh Deshmukh

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Indus OS

The World’s First Regional Operating System in English and 12 Indian regional languages, Indus OS’ growth & expansion has Rakesh’s driving force behind it. It is India’s #2 Mobile OS ahead of global giants like Apple’s iOS & Microsoft’s Windows. An IIT Bombay alumnus, Rakesh is a serial entrepreneur and has over 10 years of experience in the Mobile Technology industry.

Anmol Madan

Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer is a leading digital mental health management offering. Anmol has published extensive research in modelling largescale human behaviour data using statistical models and pattern recognition technology. He received his PhD from MIT in the Media Lab with Alex Pentland. Madan is a frequent international speaker on behavioural analytics, machine learning, data privacy and healthcare entrepreneurship.

Marjolein Helder

Founder & chief executive officer
The Netherlands

Marjolein’s company aims to develop products based on the technology of producing electricity from living plants. Founded during her PhD research at Wageningen University in 2012, Plant-e successfully launched its first two products in the market in 2014. Marjolein is a regular speaker on the issue of sustainable energy at a number of international events.

rob leslie

Founder & chief executive officer

Sedicii has patented a technology that enables users to consume digital services by proving their identity for KYC without exposing their private data to the risk of identity theft. Rob has a successful track record of establishing and growing businesses to considerable scale and was part of the original management team in Dell Japan that established and grew the business to almost 300 employees and $300M turnover in 4 years. He is a co-founder of Kyckr (aSX:KYK) which listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in September 2016 and provides organizational identity services for KYC & AML services to banks and other regulated financial institutions.


Cornell College of Business
Cornell University

Prof. Dutta has formerly been on the faculty of INSEAD, a leading international business school in France and Singapore. He is an authority on the impact of new technology on the business world, especially social media and social networking, and on strategies for driving growth and innovation by embracing the digital economy. He is the co-editor and author respectively of two influential reports – the Global Information Technology Report and the Global Innovation Index.

N Chandrababu Naidu

Chief Minister

Mr. Naidu’s previous stint as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh lasted an entire decade from 1994-2004. He is considered a rare politician and a visionary who pursues his innovation strategies with great vigour and determination. His approach towards development is non-doctrinal and he believes in absorbing good aspects of various development models. An able and an efficient administrator, he introduced many market-based reforms in 1995 while also formulating many unprecedented populist schemes. In his third term as Chief Minister, he has set international benchmarks in e-governance.